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25 Best Baby First Aid Kits That We Should Keep in Our House

Baby First Aid Kits

If you have a baby, It’s very important to know what you should keep as baby first aid kits in the first aid box. Raising a baby requires a lot of hard work, patience, and determination.

You will have to monitor them constantly and you will never know when a medical crisis will arise, so apart from necessities like feeding bottles, diapers, rash cream, etc.

It is the foremost duty of a parent to keep a baby first aid kits handy all the time before you bring home your little bundle of joy.

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A baby first aid kit is not specifically a first aid kit but more of a blend of both grooming and healthcare tools. The basic supplies you should look for in a baby first aid kit before buying are thermometer, tweezers, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, bandages, a pair of scissors, toothbrushes, and paste, etc.

If you are a responsible parent and want to buy a baby first aid kits for your newborn, then you should check out this list.

Why is it necessary to use a baby first aid kit?

Most of the babies go through numerous regular health issues and illnesses during their earlier phases and beyond that which includes gassiness, a stodgy nose, fever, and the torments of getting teeth, wherein a baby first aid kits can prove to be useful.

It is always better to have a kit at home so that parents can also relax a bit and not have to panic in the middle of the night. You can either purchase a baby first aid kit from a shop or an online platform or you can make a first aid kit with every other thing that is available in your house. However, some of the equipment might not be suitable to use for a baby.

Fortunately, a few first aid kits are available explicitly for babies and accompany all that you have to think about your youngster in different given conditions. So let us see some of the best baby first aid kits for your little bundle of joy!

List of 25 Best Baby First Aid Kits:

SL.First Aid KitsDetails
#1Deluxe Baby Safety KitClick Here
#2Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care KitClick Here
#3FridaBaby Sick Day Prep KitClick Here
#4Safety 1st Deluxe Baby First Aid KitClick Here
#4Me4kidz Medipro Baby Starter First AidClick Here
#6Yellodoor Baby First AidClick Here
#7Small Compact Mini First Aid KitClick Here
#8Xpress First Aid 250 Piece First Aid KitClick Here
#9Boon Boon Care Health and Grooming Kit for BabiesClick Here
#10PreparaKit First Aid kitClick Here
#11Baby ThermometerClick Here
#12Nasal AspiratorClick Here
#13Saline nose dropsClick Here
#14Medicine for gasClick Here
#15Cotton ballsClick Here
#16Medicine dropperClick Here
#17Baby nail clippersClick Here
#18Cradle cap brushClick Here
#19Emery boardsClick Here
#20Sterile gauzeClick Here
#21Blunt scissorsClick Here
#22Antibiotic creamClick Here
#23BandagesClick Here
#24Alcohol wipes and hand sanitizerClick Here
#25GlovesClick Here
Top 25 Baby First Aid Kits

1. Deluxe Baby Safety Kit by American Red Cross

This baby first aid kits of the American Red Cross is one of the most trusted companies and any parent can blindly depend on it. The packaging of this 17-piece kit is very nice as it has a transparent coating, and all the things that are inside the pouch are visible.

It comprises all the essential tools that are required for taking care of an infant. They are a nasal aspirator, a medicine dispenser, a thermometer, brush, a sterile spoon, scissors, toothbrush, emery boards, comb, and nail clipper.

Along with these essentials, the baby first aid kits come with a small rattle that you can use to keep your child distracted and has a booklet that instructs you on how to use them. Overall, this is a doctor’s recommended kit so one can surely try it. As per the price is concerned, the product is good.

2. Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit

This baby first aid kit is loaded with essential items that a parent would need to look after their baby. It has 21 items that are very much essential for any newborn baby.

A storage pouch is also available with the kit. The kit has a normal thermometer and a forehead thermometer, a soft hair comb, a toothbrush, a finger gum massager that has a case with it, a teether.

Nail clippers for perfectly cutting and shaping those little nails, a medicine pacifier dispenser, a medicine syringe, a nasal aspirator, and medical cards that have got doctors numbers in case of emergency. The key features of some of the items are as follows:

  • The medicine pacifier dispenser helps to measure the accurate dosage of medicine so that parents can give the correct amount to the baby
  • To provide relief for teething baby the finger brush, teether and gum massager is very useful
  • The kit has an emergency information card that has doctor’s numbers in case of any need

Overall, it is a nice combination of the essential components and has impressive designs. The kit is available in two colors that are white and pink.

3. FridaBaby Sick Day Prep Kit

This first aid kit is not similar to any other baby first aid kit because it has things that you can use when your little one gets unwell. This ailing kit contains everything you want to need to cure your baby and there is no kind of compromise in that.

To give your baby a relief from stuffy nose this kit provides a nose Frida that is a SnotSucker. The kit contains hygiene filters, a medicine dispenser, and a pacifier, syringes, wipes, balms, and ointments. The key features of some of the items are as follows:

  • The NoseFrida snotsucker helps to clean out a runny nose in the most natural way possible.
  • The medicine dispenser and pacifier helps to measure the proper dosage of medicine.
  • The BreatheFrida vapor rub is a great chest balm that gives relief to the baby and the product is organic.

Therefore, it is recommended that every parent should have this kit to keep his or her baby safe and healthy.

4. Safety 1st Deluxe 25-Piece Baby First Aid Kit

This 25-Piece Safety 1st Deluxe Baby Healthcare and Grooming kit is undoubtedly the best baby first aid kit of 2020. This kit comprises all the essentials that your baby will need throughout his or her growing stage. All the tools are nicely packed inside a portable clutch-style zippered case.

Inside the bag, there are various small pockets so that you can find the tools easily. Moreover, the bag comprises two distinct compartments that make it convenient and compact. It also has record cards in it, where you can note down various information about your baby’s health.

The bag also has a separate pocket to carry a diaper in it while you are traveling. This is an all-in-one kit for your baby.

Some of the important tools present in this kit are a toothbrush, nail clippers, cradle cap comb, nasal aspirator, hair comb, bottle medicine dispenser, etc. Moreover, there is a 3-in-1 thermometer present inside a protective case that will allow you to take the oral, rectal, and underarm temperature.

5. Me4kidz Medipro Baby Starter First Aid

The Me4kidz Medipro Baby Starter First Aid consists of one of the largest lists of products among the baby first aid kits. The entire pack comprises one hundred and five tools. All the instruments are made of long-lasting and recycled materials.

The containers are also reusable. The overall kit is extremely travel-friendly. This healthcare kit is ideal for infants between the ages of zero and three. Some of the necessary tools present in this kit are tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, latex-free hand gloves, hair comb, wipes, gauge pads, adhesive bandages, swabs, and hair combs.

Though there is a huge list of products present in this pack, there are some repetitions of the same products such as swabs, gauge pads, bandages, and wipes. Moreover, the thermometer is of use and throw nature.

The pouch is also small so it may not be a convenient one as you may face some difficulty in finding the tools. However, this is one of the most expensive options and the range of products they are offering at this price is extraordinary.

6. Yellodoor Baby First Aid

The Yellodoor Baby First Aid is the best baby first aid kit to tackle minor accidents such as burns, cuts, grazes, and likewise. The entire package comes with 68 pieces of tools.

The travel-friendly and waterproof packing make it an ideal baby travel kit. This kit is also clinically tested and is highly recommended by most doctors. Some of the essentials that are present in the kit are ointment gel sachets, scissors, metal tweezers, plasters, hypoallergenic tapes.

Dressing pads, bandages, and hypoallergenic adhesive tapes. This is a first aid kit for all seasons and consists of all the things necessary for a toddler. Moreover, there is a finger puppet and reward stickers to divert the attention of your child.

7. Small Compact Mini First Aid Kit

This compact first aid kit for kids can be one of the most complete baby first aid kits. This fifty accessory kit, manufactured by a mother herself is everything that you will require for the well-being of your child.

Some of the important instruments present in this kit are nail clippers, metal tweezers, combs, toothbrushes, bandages, thermometer, nasal aspirator, medicine dispenser, gauze pads, burn ointments, etc.

The clutch-style case has a height of five and a half inch and a width of four inches. It can be easily accommodated in your purse or bag pack. Moreover, the case consists of extra spaces to keep diapers, tissues, and other important things. Unlike the other kits, this small compact baby kit consists of all branded tools.

8. Xpress First Aid 250 Piece First Aid Kit

This first aid kid is enough for the whole family, let alone the baby. You can use it for everything, from a splinter in your toes to a bruised knee. They claim to have packed the kit with enough pieces of equipment to treat more than 50 people.

The kit contains 250 pieces of essential first aid supplies, some of which can be used for babies including tongue depressors and gauge rolls. The First Aid Kit meets ANSI A+, Type I&II Standards, and OSHA Compliance.

Apart from these, the see-through plastic case is very durable, and individual compartments made to store and organize supplies make it easy to locate necessary equipment in an emergency.

The only downside of this kit is that you will need to add a few baby specific things to the list of supplies like a nasal aspirator and some infant Tylenol or ibuprofen. After those additional, it will fall under the best baby first aid kits list.

The basic supplies included in this First Aid Kit are gauze rolls and pads, adhesive plastic bandages, antacid and aspirin tablets, dressings, wipes, trauma Pads, hand sanitizers, antiseptics, and antibiotic ointments.

Furthermore, there are first Aid tape, cotton-tipped applicators, CPR face shield, eyewash, finger splint/tongue depressor, cold pack, non-aspirin tablets, first aid guide, nitrile exam gloves, rubber tourniquet, triangular bandage, scissors, sterile eye pads, butterfly wound closures, and tweezers.

9. Boon Boon Care Health and Grooming Kit for Babies

This kit only contains six tools but each of them is resourceful enough to treat different baby issues effectively. The kit includes a thermometer that measures temperature in 8 seconds and has a flexible and soft tip which makes it one of the most comfortable and easy to use infant thermometers and can be used in the baby’s underarm, mouth, or rectum.

The toothbrush has a small slash to accommodate a gauze for rinsing the gums and can be even converted to a toothbrush for cleaning the teeth of the baby. The nasal aspirator’s soft tip is gentle enough for the baby’s delicate little nose and can be detached for cleaning purposes.

All the items are made without BPA, PVC, and Phthalates to ensure safety. This kit comes in a zippered bag, which is easy to organize the supplies and carry around in the time of emergency.

Apart from the above-mentioned supplies, this first aid kit also includes a nail clipper, a cradle cap brush, and a medicine spoon. All these little things make it a competent baby healthcare kit.

10. PreparaKit First Aid kit.

A first Aid Kit is a basic amenity at home for everyone. However, an emergency may arise when you are out and need dire first aid care for your baby. This is the exact situation where this mobile-first aid kit from PreparaKit comes in handy.

It contains 50 items including essential supplies like bandages, gauze pads, thermometer strips, nail clipper, safety pins, burn cream, and more. The kit is compact and small making it easy to pop in any purse, car glove compartment, or diaper bag. If you are looking for an all-rounder baby travel kit, then this is the one. 

All the tools included are 100% latex-free, which ensures additional safety for the babies. The supplies included in the PreparaKit’s Take Along Kits are fabric finger care, bandages, non-adherent gauzes, cotton applicators, disposable thermometer strips, first aid/burn cream packets.

Lip balms, metal tweezer, alcohol-free antiseptic wipes, nail cutter, assorted stickers, hydrocortisone creme packets, safety pins, nail cutter, a pair of scissors, and triple antibiotic ointments.


It is a great idea to invest in healthcare and grooming of your child. Most of the parents do not want to compromise when it comes to their babies and having a compact and complete first aid kit for your child is one of the most important things.

Mentioned above is a list of ten most favored baby first aid kits. Before buying a first aid kit, make sure it comprises all the essential tools needed such as bandages, thermometer, ointments, hairbrush, toothbrush, nail clippers, etc.

Moreover, the materials should be clinically tested and must be non-hazardous. The case containing the tools must be compact and should have extra compartments so that you can customize the kit as per your requirements.


1. What necessary tools do you need in a baby first aid kit?

Ans) Few essential items that must be included in the baby first aid kit are thermometer, tweezers, nail clippers, nasal aspirator, bandages, a pair of scissors, toothbrushes, and paste, etc. All these items should be specifically made for the babies.

2. Can you use a baby first aid kit to treat an older child?

Ans) It is preferable not to use baby first aid kit tools on an older child, but if you use them, make sure to sanitize them properly before using them again on your toddler.

3. Is the Xpress First Aid Kit fit for the babies?

Ans) This kit is made to serve a whole family, including the babies. It has enough tools to treat more than 50 people. However, you will need to add a few infant specific tools in the kit like a nasal aspirator and some infant Tylenol or ibuprofen to make it a perfect baby first aid kit.

4. Is the Boon Boon Care Health and Grooming Kit for Babies safe to use?

Ans) Yes, it is safe for the babies, and the tools are made without BPA, PVC, and Phthalates which ensures additional safety.

5. What is a medicine pacifier used for? Ans) The medicine pacifier dispenser helps to measure the accurate dosage of medicine so that parents can give the correct amount to the baby

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