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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

No# 1 Recumbent Exercise Bike (Review) Stay Fit and Healthy

Use Recumbent exercise bike to Boost your heart fitness, improve strength, and strengthen your legs with a recumbent gym exercise wheel.

You get the quad-burning workout why you enjoy on stationary bikes. Curved loops don’t make you trapped uncomfortably or face crashing over the handlebars. Which makes it a perfect choice for all ages and fitness level exercisers. Older fitness enthusiasts, in particular, who want to protect their joints or those involved in rehabilitation exercise programs.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

The advantage of driving a lifting fitness cycle is that most exercisers are accommodated and offered a perfect aerobic training A recumbent exercise bike should be used by anyone to improve their sensitivity to cardio and breathing, while also sizzling off calories and fat. The frequent use of a recumbent cycle is also a perfect way to exercise the legs and to improve them.

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

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The Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is the right fitness machine to add to your home gym if you want to improve your aerobic stamina or shed pounds! Save on membership in the gym and use this fitness system to make your home your new favorite workout spot. Shed weight and build strength in your own home by doing a full-body workout.

The exercise bike is made of durable 14-gage steel tubing, PVC, and rubber and has a high-quality construction mixing style and durability with a powder-coated finish. Sturdy enough to survive cracks, chips, and environmental damage, so it can handle heavy day-to-day use. The specially built seat with contoured handles encourages optimal body shape allowing the body to properly conform to the gear, ensuring the exercise achieves full impact on your target areas. The phase-in nature is designed to make things easier on and off the knees.

This stationary bike also uses a magnetic resistance mechanism with eight preset resistance settings, best designed for both exercise enthusiasts and workout starters. Using a friction knob the resistance is balanced to tailor your exercise exercises according to your fitness standard. The bright screen monitor of the exercise bike serves as an odometer and it records time, speed, traveled distance, and calories consumed in extra-large numbers for easy reading.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike for workout
Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike for workout

The ME-709 recumbent exercise bike is fitted with wheels that allow full mobility and you can quickly move it anywhere in the gym or home to be comfortably placed wherever you want. The measurements of the finished package are 55.5x25x37.5 inches.

Additional Features

Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Exercise Bike:

Searching for a simple way to lose unnecessary pounds without losing valuable floor space, and increasing cardiovascular endurance? The response is the ME-709 magnetic reclining fitness wheel.

With the ME-709 you’ll benefit from identical fitness features usually available on bigger and more costly workout bikes. Designed with a lightweight style that fits easily into the smallest workout spaces, this recumbent exercise bike. Form, strong, and tone your muscles while reducing calories and gaining weight, and improve cardiovascular stamina in your body.

Freight Rim:

Simply click on your Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike, turn the machine onto the wheels and push as necessary.

Pedals with Safety Straps:

The Marcy Recumbent Bike has large textured pedals to hold the feet comfortably when pedaling. Additionally, the pedal belts guarantee that during hard drives the feet do not fall off the pedals.

Recumbent Handlebars:

Included with the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike ME-709, the recumbent handlebars and back seat pad offer protection on your long trips.

Adjustable Resistance:

a simple resistance knob mounted under the handlebars allows resistance modification during your workouts.

LCD Display:

The monitor shows time, speed, distance, calories, and odometer (total distance) to use metrics to keep track of your success.

Adjustable Seat:

The ME-709 seat of the Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike can be modified so that the legs get the correct move when you pedal.

Common Features

PEDAL COUNTERBALANCED – Weighted pedals built to provide full foot support while maintaining absolute stability. This bike has flexible foot braces to make the best match for your feet.

DURABLE COVERED BENCH – Fitted with durable high-density padding, the device has an ergonomically built saddle. It features contoured, foam-covered handles for additional back and arms support to help hold the correct shape when exercise.

EASY-TO-READ MONITOR SCREEN – The ultra-functional LCD computer screen functions like an odometer and has a bright panel display displaying time, rate, distance, and calories consumed in extra-large numbers for better readability.

EIGHT RESISTANCE LEVELS – This stationary bike uses an 8-level magnetic-resistance system. The friction knobs monitor the challenge of simulating riding on various terrains and tailoring the exercise to the level of fitness!

STEP-THROUGH DESIGN – Using a heavy-duty 14-gage steel tubing with a powder-coated coating, the step-through system enables optimum stability during preparation for easy mounting and removal, and is made harder for the knees and back.

Recumbent Exercise Bike?

Buy Now Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike
Buy Now Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

The advantage of riding a fitness elevator is that it takes in most of the workouts and gives them a perfect aerobic training. A recumbent exercise bike should be used by anyone to improve their response to cardio and breathing while sizzling off calories and fat. The frequent use of a recumbent cycle is also a perfect way to exercise the legs and to improve them.

Don’t be misled by their look. We could be easy but reclining exercise bikes can still have a serious training session! To feel the pain, fans who want to drive must turn the resistance button up.

To new exercisers, the recumbent exercise cycle is an excellent choice. At first, beginners can reduce their resistance to help their bodies adapt to their new exercise routine. Contrary to an upright cycle, users should sit back and avoid tension if required.

The step-through configuration of the lifting bike makes it easy to get on and off the wheel. This step-through style would benefit older adults or those suffering from injuries. The innovative configuration of the recumbent exercise bike also helps the rider to sit up safely for long stretches of time. Consequently, sitting on a recumbent cycle will not worsen the lower back or affect elbows, thighs, and ankles

Lasting bikes are still very stable and can be useful to exercisers facing problems of balance and agility. It is no wonder that sometimes recumbent cycles are used in recovery programs.

Which is the Perfect Fitness Bicycle for my Home Gym?

Marcy provides a range of different recumbent bikes to match your budget and tastes. All our bikes are made of the finest quality components to give you a convenient and sturdy ride. You can hope to see bike apps like:

  • Finishes of powder coating.
  • Foam seats with high quality.
  • Contoured handlebars covered with foam.
  • Secure run pedals counterbalanced.
  • Customizable chairs.
  • Easy-to-read screen monitor.
  • Different resistance levels to give you the experience you want.

Alternatively, some versions do feature magnetic resistance for a smoother journey. And movement wheels will easily push your reclining bike in the right position in your house.

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Recumbent Exercise Bike

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