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Top 10 Best Stethoscope For EMT Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Best Stethoscope For EMT

Looking for the best stethoscope for EMT? Our list of the top 10 best stethoscopes will help you to choose the perfect one which you need. Being a paramedic or an emergency medical technician requires a lot of accuracies.

There are certain things that you cannot do without being very sure about it and one such is getting the accurate reading of a patient before knowing what to diagnose him or her with.

To be able to do so you would need to and one of the tools that you would need more importantly is the stethoscope. Only a stethoscope with very decent sound auscultation and high-frequency range can help to pick up the heart beats in its true form.

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Quality and how long the stethoscope can last is also a very good pointer to the quality of the stethoscope. This is the reason why only the best is to be chosen in other for mistakes not to happen we have gathered a list of ten stethoscopes that you can try out.

You will notice that in times where very loud noise and disturbance are in the atmosphere, the only very strong stethoscope can really work for you. These are some of the best in quality, durability, sound escalation, and accuracy, the best stethoscope for EMT and Paramedics alike.


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6 MDF ROSEGOLD MD-One Click here

The Littman Classic III is an industry-standard stethoscope. It offers unrivaled acoustics and double tunable sound for adults and pediatric patients. This is the stethoscope many people use out and about.

The Littman Classic III enables me to hear everything. It makes blood weights simple to hear and lung sounds decent and clear. This model is anything but difficult to clean and accompanies various earpieces for the ideal fit.

The stomach is anything but difficult to spotless and durable gratitude to the material it is produced using being impervious to oils and salts created by human skin.

The Littman Classic III Stethoscope is delivered by a standout amongst the best stethoscope makers in the business today. All things considered, the item is essentially excellent.

The stethoscope enables you to alter the strain of the headset. All things considered, it offers an adjustable and agreeable fit for various head shapes.

Being with this stethoscope offers high acoustic affectability for remarkable execution. Including a cutting edge structure and tunable stomachs, this instrument is perfect for general physical evaluation of patients.

The most recent adaptation of the stethoscope is adored by a huge number of restorative understudies and professionals over the globe.

The vast majority of the main EMT experts locate the Classic III ideal for tuning in to, distinguishing and considering body parts, for example, lungs and the heart.

This makes the instrument perfect for analysis, quiet checking, and physical evaluation.

Highlighted Features

  • It is very durable
  • The headset is adjustable
  • The sound is also very sensitive

The Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope is an in all respects exceedingly appraised (4.7) and prominent stethoscope sold on This stethoscope includes a double-sided non-chill chest-piece that offers adaptable sound auscultation with a tunable weight change stomach.

It’s made utilizing metal/tar composite latex-free materials to give extra solace to hypersensitivity delicate people and tips the scales at 4.8 ounces. The Littmann offers predominant acoustics.

Be that as it may, this degree is generally for grown-up patients and endures in the pediatric region. It includes a similar quality development as different instruments by this organization.

The auscultation tube is produced using a non-latex development and accompanies save ear tips for right estimating. Littmann stethoscopes include a tunable stomach innovation.

This enables the professional to change the recurrence of sounds dependent on how immovably they press the extension to a patient’s skin.

This assists in recognizing appropriate sounds. It provides you with a very good grasp on the sound of any part of the body it is placed on.

It is the type of stethoscope that you can be rest assured will give you the quality you have in mind. Whether you are an expert EMT or a learning student, this is your best bet for quality, durability, and perfection in hearing the organs well.

The design of the earbuds are very comfortable and can fit any type of ear, they make the experience pleasant.

Highlighted Features

  • Beautiful design
  • Comes with adjustable diaphragm
  • Provides you with acoustic hearing

On the off chance that you are searching for adaptability and reasonableness in your EMT stethoscope, the Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope is an extraordinary decision. Concerning adaptability, the stethoscope is fitted with three open chimes of various sizes.

Furthermore, the instrument accompanies two distinct sets of ear-tips just as two stomachs of various sizes. It is such highlights that make this Omron stethoscope an extraordinary 5-in-1 multi-reason indicative device.

You will love the way that the tubing in this device isn’t made of latex, a material that could trigger unfavorably susceptible responses in certain patients. FirstAidbuy

The producer offers this item in a few chest piece hues. This stethoscope is an extraordinary decision for understudies or somebody who is hoping to buy their first stethoscope.

It has double tubing, which is one of a kind to the others on this rundown. Included with the buy are three sizes of open chimes, two sizes of stomachs, and two sets of additional ear tips, alongside a vinyl stockpiling case. This stethoscope won’t furnish you with the most elite with regards to acoustics.

What is more, is that the stethoscope was made to come in different open bell sizes, so you can select the one you are most comfortable with.

It is a nicely designed stethoscope that comes with latex-free tubing, ensuring that it lasts for longer and also ensure that there are no side effects to using this kind of stethoscope.

Highlighted Features

  • It does not contain latex
  • It comes in different bell sizes
  • It also has a dual tubing design
  • It is chrome plated

Another stethoscope to be excited about is the 3M Cardiology IV stethoscope, it is one which is accepted by a lot of medical practitioners as well as EMTs.

This unique stethoscope features a double-sided chest-piece that provides you with one of the best sound auscultations you can get.

One the chest piece, you also have diaphragms that you can adjust according to your need and how it would suit you better.

One thing you would also love about this stethoscope is that it is designed to work on both children and adults and produces an accurate reading.

It also features a two in a one-lumen tube that helps seal out the noise interference in the area so that a more accurate reading can be gotten.

Just like every great stethoscope, the Littmann cardiology is made with excellent materials, and you can be sure to expect a latex-free one when you purchase it.

For the ear tips, you have nicely finished and patented soft seals. The chest piece is also made with original stainless steel.

Speaking about the two in one-lumen rubber, it was made with the highest quality of rubber. All these materials were carefully taken through various processes to make sure that only the best comes out as the finished product.

It will make your job a lot easier knowing that you have the best tool for reading the heart rate and organs properly.

Highlighted Features

  • Two-sided lumen
  • Comes with adjustable diaphragm
  • Chest piece made with stainless steel

When it comes to picking another brand as one of the best stethoscope for EMT then you can also pick the ADC 615 Platinum. It was chosen as one of the best for so many reasons and because of its amazing features.

The first reason why a lot of doctors and paramedics like this brand is because it offers you an easy way to be used. You can also notice an oversized bell that allows you to capture a large surface area when in use, the bigger the surface the better.

Coupled with the large size is the material with which it was made, the bell is made from zinc alloys which are absolutely lightweight and can be carried on the neck for as long as you want without the weight acting upon your neck.

Design is not the only thing that makes the ADSCOPE stand out, but also the intricacies with which the drum was made to enable it to pick up frequencies depending on the intensity of pressure applied on the scope.

The design is also very rigid and makes it last for longer. The acoustic performance of this scope is also very impressive as you can clearly hear the sound.

You can also be sure to have the best sound quality retained as the PVC tube is 22 inches and carries the same sound quality.

A true mark of quality is when the stethoscope can do just what it was designed for and this is the case of the ADSCOPE 615 Platinum.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with a one-sided chest piece
  • Zinc alloy lightweight drum
  • It is also durable

The MDF MD one is our example of a very decent stethoscope that can meet all the requirements and use cases of a stethoscope.

The first thing you will notice about this stethoscope is the fact that it is made without latex which is the number one cause of other infections and irritations. The stethoscope was constructed with steel and this makes it last for longer.

Let’s talk a little about the acoustic tubing, shall we? The acoustic tubing was made in such a way to allow for the best sound auscultation, the PVC tubing itself is thick and carries the sound vibrations without reducing the quality, you can get an accurate reading of the heart, heart and all other organs because of this design.

Another very exciting thing about the MDF stethoscopes is their comfortability and ease of use. They can be used to pick up the sound of the organs of the body without applying many efforts.

The audio tube of this amazing design also comes with a longer design compared to other types of a stethoscope.

If you are uncomfortable with the earpiece you are given on the stethoscope then you can always change it as there are other two other sizes that you can alternate with once you want to have a good hearing.

Trust me, you will be very comfortable with this stethoscope and will have good pleasure using it.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with stainless steel
  • Longer PVC compared to other stethoscopes
  • Very comfortable
  • Also very easy to use

Quality is relatively defined and counts as different things from place to place. In terms of having a qualitative stethoscope, what you will be looking at is having an accurate reading of the organ in question being tested.

When it comes to ensuring your patients are diagnosed properly, then you have to use only the best stethoscope and the classic single head cardiology stethoscope is one.

What also contributes to the overall quality of a stethoscope are the materials used and the classic single head cardiology is no exception in quality, it is created from latex-free components.

It features a non-chill rim as well as a stainless steel drum head that helps it last for a longer time. You will be very glad you purchase this. It is also suited for paramedics, doctors, EMTs, and nurses alike.

You can also get lucky and get free replacements of your earpiece, it comes with an extra size that you can adjust to. You can also adjust the diaphragm or totally replace it.

If you buy this stethoscope you will be able to have very good sound clarity because it is designed to incline at an angle to ensure full hearing. The sound will enter directly into your eardrums.

The tubing and the entire makeup of the stethoscope you would love both as an expert and as a learner, it offers very flexible options with regards to it how it can be adjusted and you can use it according to how you want to.

Highlighted Features

  • It is latex-free
  • Inclined earpiece for better sound
  • It is a single head stethoscope

Another very decent stethoscope on our list is the Dixie EMS dual head stethoscope. This is an excellent fit, especially for female doctors and nurses.

If you are looking for something more stylistic and a little bit adjusted to your style, then you can rest assured of this design. It features a pink feminine touch for those who want quality and style.

You will also notice that it is a dual head stethoscope which offers more flexibility for use and more flexibility for functionality.

It makes working seem very easy and for the fact that it is very lightweight, you can carry about in your neck without worrying about the weight acting upon your neck. Come out looking very interesting and smart with this scope.

Let’s talk more about the acoustic quality of this scope. You will notice that apart from being stylistic and pretty, it also produces an excellent sound.

The quality of the sound produced by the scope is something you would really love; it holds the accurate sound of whatever the organ you are using it to listen to. The tubing is made with PVC just like every other great stethoscope.

The reason for the PVC is to make sure the quality of the sound is preserved in any way it is used. It also has a design that helps you block the noise from the environment away. It is a true masterpiece and an excellent contribution to the health industry.

Highlighted Features

  • It is not heavy
  • The tube is made from PVC
  • Very comfortable

The classic dual head cardiology works in the same fashion as the single head cardiology only that you enjoy all the benefits on dual cardiology. You can be rest assured to have all your readings done accurately, this is the best stethoscope you can use.

You don’t have to worry about side effects that come with using latex because it was never made with latex in the first place, just expect excellent quality when you put it to use even after a very long.

The rim is also made with stainless steel. This material is one that will help you preserve the scope for a very long time, it can be used by both practicing and established professionals.

It is one of the stethoscopes that you can rely on upon the level of quality put it in.

Upon purchase of this stethoscope, you can also get other sizes of earpieces that you can change if you are not pleased with the current installment.

You can also replace the diaphragm when you are ready or if you are not pleased with what is originally in the pack.

This amazing scope is also designed in a way that would ensure you get in more sounds because of the inclination of the headset. Once the headphone is inclined, it makes it easier for the eardrums to pick up the sound waves and help it travel directly.

The drum is fairly large to take a proper reading; it also depends on how you are using the apply pressure. In all, we can say that this is one of the best scopes that you can use.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a dual stethoscope
  • Inclined earpiece
  • Made of stainless steel

Last but not least on our list of the 10 best stethoscopes for EMT we have the prestige medical clinical stethoscope and it has some exciting features that you would love.

This is the type of stethoscope that you can proudly say was made to fit two purposes, the first being style and the other being sound auscultation.

It is very attractive and comes in varying colors but that is not all. One other thing that makes it very nice is the fact you can pretty much hear everything that you need to within the shortest while. It is also made with stainless steel that can make it last for years without having to keep buying.  FirstAidbuy

It also features a special S1 and S2 sound technology used to detect the heartbeat sounds and knockoff sound. You can also be sure to have a wonderful hearing experience with the S3 and S4 heart sound.

It comes in exciting colors; it even comes in pink for the ladies who want to show off.

This is indeed a masterpiece. The ear tips are also not stereotyped as there are two sizes of tips you can change if you don’t like the one attached to it by default. It is very durable considering the fact that it was created using anodized aluminum.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with anodized aluminum
  • Comes with extra ear tips
  • Made very durable
  • Comes with an extra diaphragm
  • Excellent for use anywhere


Buying the right stethoscope might be quite a daunting task especially if there is a plethora to choose from. You might just get overwhelmed from all the choices of stethoscopes available but you have the right to be in control and choose what you want.

We will be sharing some useful tips that will help you make the right decision when it comes to selection.

The weight

One thing that most people fail to notice when it comes to selecting the right type of stethoscope is also choosing the right type of weight.

All the stethoscope has a particular weight and you should ask for the weight so that you know what to expect when you finally get the stethoscope.

If you know it is something you will be carrying about or place on your neck for the entirety of your day then you need to choose something that will not cause an extra burden.

You can get lightweight stethoscopes that are very qualitative, just make sure you are selecting the best choice.

The material with which it was made

You should also pay special attention to the type of material used to make the stethoscope. There are many models out there but whatever you do make sure you never select the ones made with latex as they have serious side effects for many people. Also, make sure you look out for the ones made with stainless steel.

Stainless steel tends to last longer than other types of materials. It gives you flexibility and you can guarantee to last for years. You can also select the ones made with anodized aluminum, these types last very long.

Whatever you do make sure you select only the best so that you can enjoy your time using the stethoscopes.

The acoustic sound

This is also one of the most important reasons why you should select a stethoscope because it goes beyond the beauty of the scope, it screws in better to how sound integrity is not reduced.

The sound auscultation is very important and so you must be able to find the best option among the many.

We all have different levels of hearing and as such, you should be able to choose which is perfect for you, pick only the ones that suit your hearing abilities.

If you are the type that hears at a high and mid-range level, then you need to get a stethoscope that has a bell and is dual-headed.

If you also work where you see adults more frequently than children then you can get a single head stethoscope. The accuracy of the hearing is very important and that is what you must place all your focus on.


You need to always place usefulness over beauty every time. Only choose the best quality and the ones that are sure to last a very long time.

You can research the company that makes the best and qualitative stethoscope, browse through their profile and models, and see the one you will like.It is your choice that counts, so take what will last for you and what you will have no regrets purchasing.

Another thing you should put into consideration is the review from your colleagues, friends, or family, this will lead you on the right path of what to choose, and if you choose the bad types of stethoscope then you can be an adviser to someone.


Here, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions that arise with regard to buying a stethoscope.

What is the most suitable stethoscope for you?

Some people might be asking the questions that what type of stethoscope is suitable for them, but the answer only lies and the person themselves.

There is no average or standard stethoscope you are the one that will determine the type you want according to your hearing abilities, if you are sensitive and listen to high range sounds, or mid-range sound then you might need a dual stethoscope.

But if you hear low frequencies then you would be needing the single type of stethoscope. You should not buy a stethoscope meaning because your friend but that same time but know your needs and by the ones are customized to your needs.

How long is a stethoscope meant to last?

On average, a good stethoscope is supposed to last for more than a year but if the spectroscope does not last for up to the year you should check out your activity with it. Sometimes it might not be the quality that determines how it lasts it might be the way you use it.

Check how you use the stethoscope and be careful not to throw it anyhow or just drop it anyhow. If you buy a stethoscope that is made of stainless steel and good and thick PVC then you should expect it to last for years if you properly take care of them.

Other status codes are made with anodized aluminum that can also last you for a very long time because aluminum is known to be a very strong material.

What do I consider when choosing a stethoscope?

When you are choosing a stethoscope, you should look out for different things. Among the many things I should look out for should be the one that suits your lifestyle, you can buy a very qualitative one and the one that has a color you like to.

You can also choose according to the material because materials determine how long the stethoscope will last.

Also, check out four things that were used such as latex, if you find any stethoscope made with latex then you should avoid such automatically.

The remaining things you should look for should be according to your taste and your budget, if you don’t have what it takes then you should not go for it but if you desire better quality and you don’t have up to that standard then you should save and attain to what you have in mind.

Is there a difference between normal and EMT stethoscopes?

The answer is yes, there is a difference between the usual EMT stethoscope and the normal stethoscope. Each of them has their functionalities and have the way they are created to suit different situations.

You should be able to get only the one that is suited for your specialization.

If you are a doctor or nurse then you should think of getting a regular stethoscope if you’re an EMT student, then you should put your mind on getting an EMT designed stethoscope.

Conclusively, you need to pay attention to accuracy in reading your stethoscope. A bad or poor quality stethoscope will always give you bad results and it can put a bad record on your skill.

People do not care to know if you use a bad stethoscope all they will say is that you have done a pretty bad job but you can correct that by focusing on buying only the best for your job.

Saving lives requires a whole lot and you need to have the necessary tools to be able to do so. The list of stethoscopes we have put there at the ones that you can try if you are confused about what to do, or where to buy from.

They are not limited to this list but you can search for others and use this guide to be on the right path when you are choosing an ideal stethoscope for yourself. Make sure you only choose the quality at every point in time.

Best Stethoscope For EMT Reviews

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